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Air Canada's passengers who have already booked their tickets but now, because of some changes in plans, have to cancel their booking are in the right place for their information. The Air Canada Cancellation Policy will allow you to cancel your booking with a few terms and conditions applied.

Here, you can read about all the information related to Air Canada Cancellation Policy in detail.

What is Air Canada's cancellation policy?

The airline is offering an Air Canada Cancellation Policy under which if you are trying to make a request to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking, then you can save the penalty fees that are incurred on cancelling the reservation with Air Canada. 

Other important guidelines related to Air Canada’s Cancellation Policy are:

  • Air Canada Allows its passengers to cancel their flight up to 3 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight.
  • If Air Canada is trying to cancel the flight booking because of some significant reason like the death of a relative or an accident, then they can ask for a full refund from the airline.
  • If you are cancelling the ticket with Air Canada because of some medical reasons, then you can submit the medical certificates or your reports as proof for a waiver in extra charges or may ask for a refund as well.
  • Cancellation of Air Canada's booking by the airlines can be because of lousy climate, strike, technical issue or any other reason. Will provide you a refund without any correction.

How do I cancel my Air Canada flight ticket?

To cancel your Air Canada flight ticket under the Air Canada Cancellation Policy, you can call the Air Canada phone number +1 844-426-3868 ( No Wait Time) or +1-888-247-2262. On this number, you will first encounter the IVR instructions, according to which you will be able to reach the dedicated department. Once you get in touch with the airline's representative, you can give your flight details and ask them to cancel your flight booking with Air Canada.

How do you speak to an Air Canada agent for flight cancellation?

To get the benefit of Air Canada Cancellation Policy you can dial Air Canada phone number +1 844-426-3868 ( No Wait Time) or  +1-888-247-2262, where a live agent is available at your service. Every agent on this number is skilled and trained to deal with the passenger's issues. 

All you have to do is make a phone call to the given number, enter the right command as per the Interactive Voice Response instructions, and get your call transferred to the talented agent of the airline. Give the booking details to the agent along with the last name of the passenger. Ask the assistant to cancel your booking by paying the additional charges (if required).

How early should I cancel the Air Canada flight?

You can cancel your flight within 24 hours of your booking with Air Canada, up to 3 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight. 

They ensure full flexibility to the passengers to change their plans. Air Canada Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their plans whenever there is a need. But remember that the airline will incur some extra charges on the passenger's request for Cancellation. The cancellation fees charged by the airline vary depending on the fare type, time before the departure, time after the booking and many more.

How much does Air Canada charge for Cancellation?

The fees charged by Air Canada for Cancellation totally depend on the type of fares and the time you are making the request. If you are thinking about what fees must be paid for cancelling the booking, then there is no fixed amount charged by the airline.

If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the booking, then you don't have to pay anything as an extra charge. However, after this window is passed, the charges paid as a cancellation fee on different seats purchasers are mentioned below:

  • Passengers of a basic seat cannot cancel their booking because the airline does not permit it.
  • Standard Seat Holders need not pay anything if they are cancelling the booking before 61 days or more. However, $25 will be charged if you are trying to cancel your booking within 60 or fewer days from the scheduled flight departure date.
  • For Flex seat purchasers, there is a $25 charge if you are requesting to cancel before 61 or more days from departure. And $100 will be incurred if the Cancellation is done within 60 days or less.
  • There is no cancellation fee for the Latitude fares.
  • On a comfort fare type, you will pay $25 if you're cancelling within 60 or fewer days from the departure of the scheduled flight. 
  • Business fare types need to pay $200 for the Cancellation of the booking.


Air Canada's passengers who want to cancel their already booked flight can go through the information above and get suitable help. You can read all the mandatory information related to the Air Canada Cancellation Policy, like the way to cancel your booking, fees charged on cancelling the fees, the guidelines of the policy, and much more. 

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Q. How does Air Canada handle cancellations?
Ans. Travelers may cancel their flights with Air Canada under certain circumstances and within a set time limit. The type of ticket purchased and other variables determine the policy's variations.
Q. Does Air Canada permit online flight cancellations?
Ans. Yes, travelers can use the Manage Bookings area of Air Canada's website to cancel their flights online. To cancel their reservation, travelers can log in, locate their booking, and adhere to the instructions.
Q. Can I change my Air Canada ticket rather than cancel it?
Ans. Yes, in place of a complete cancellation, Air Canada allows passengers to switch their flights. Depending on the ticket's tariff conditions, passengers could have to pay the difference in price as well as a change fee.
Q. Does Air Canada give refunds for flights canceled because of unanticipated events?
Ans. For flights canceled due to unforeseeable events, such as inclement weather, airport closures, or other interruptions beyond the passenger's control, Air Canada may give refunds or substitute arrangements.

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