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Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes sometimes. But what if you made a mistake mentioning your name on the flight ticket? Is there any going back? Or will you have to face the repercussions? The answer to all your questions is Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy. To know how and why, you can go through the article below, where you can find detailed information about it.

Hawaiian Airlines name change policy conditions

If you have already booked your flight with Hawaiian Airlines and later realize that you entered the wrong spellings of your name. Then there are a few conditions you must know about the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy:

  • Hawaiian Airlines must be the operator and marketing partner of the flight.
  • You can reissue the booking once for the name correction.
  • For additional name correction requests, you need to pay an additional fee to make changes to the flight ticket.
  • You can't change the date, time, destination, or fare class under Hawaiian Airlines' name change policy.
  • Changes to a few characters of the name are permitted, and your name on the government-issued ID must match the name on the flight.
  • Any request to make changes in the date of birth, gender, and the passenger's title will not be accepted.
  • You can change the date of birth only if there is no request for name correction.

Document required for name change Hawaiian Airlines

There are a few documents that are needed for the name change on the flight with Hawaiian Airlines:

  • A signed request for a name change on a Hawaiian Airlines flight.
  • 9-digit HawaiianMiles number.
  • The original flight ticket was booked with the wrong name.
  • Legal proofs like- marriage certificate, driver's licence, divorce decree etc.

How do I correct the name on the Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

To correct the name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket, you can call the Hawaiian Airlines customer service number +1 844-426-3868 ( No Wait Time) or  +1-800-367-5320. This number will help you reach the talented Hawaiian Airlines representative through automated voice advice. You can talk to the agent about the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy and seek their assistance regarding correcting your name on the flight ticket.

These agents are professionally trained to deal with related issues. You can totally rely on their advice and can ensure that travel with Hawaiian Airlines is pleasant and seamless.

Hawaiian Airlines Legal Name changes

Sometimes, the passengers change names legally by marriage, divorce or court orders. In any such case, the passenger is liable to get their name changed on Hawaiian Airlines' tickets. 

For requesting a name correction because of your legal name change then, you can ask the agent on the Hawaiian Airlines customer service number +1 844-426-3868 ( No Wait Time) or +1-800-367-5320  to help you change your name on the flight, but for that, you need to give some legal documents as proof of a change in name. The legal documents can be a marriage certificate, divorce decree, driver's license or any other government-issued ID.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change/Correction Fee

Changes in the name on the Hawaiian Airlines flight comes with an attached fee. You can request to change up to 3 characters of your name for $25 if you have booked through a third party. However, there will be no additional charges incurred if the booking is done directly from Hawaiian Airlines.

Correcting more than three characters of your name on the Hawaiian flight is not permitted under the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy. To confirm the correction in your name on the flight, you must share your legal documents like a divorce decree, marriage certificate, or other government-issued ID.


Are you a Hawaiian Airlines passenger who is stuck with the wrong name on the flight ticket? Then you are at the right place, where you will be able to get all the information related to Hawaiian Airlines' Name Change Policy and will be able to know about the fees charged, documents required, and much more.

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Q. Is it Possible to Modify the Name on a Hawaiian Airlines Non-Refundable Ticket?
Ans. Name changes on Hawaiian Airlines non-refundable tickets might still be possible, but there might be additional costs and limitations. It's imperative that you review the particular terms and conditions attached to your ticket prior to making a name change request.
Q. Are There Any Limitations on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Name Changes?
Ans. Yes, there are limitations on name changes, and they might alter depending on the type of fare, the terms of the ticket, and other elements. In some circumstances, Hawaiian Airlines has the power to reject name changes.
Q. Is There a Fee for Changing the Name on a Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?
Ans. Hawaiian Airlines may charge a fee for processing name changes, and the amount can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the type of ticket you purchased. Be sure to inquire about any applicable fees when requesting a name change.
Q. Can I Change the Name on My Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?
Ans. Yes, Hawaiian Airlines allows name changes on tickets under certain circumstances. However, the ability to change names may depend on the type of ticket you purchased and any applicable fees or restrictions.

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